Lessons and Workshops

“An apprenticeship of feel.”


I am fascinated with balance and asymmetry. Inspired by the works of the great Masters of the past and the present, I apply their methods and principles to myself, my horses and my students and their horses. Listening to my horses and observing my students and their horses, I am always looking for feedback, searching for ways to improve knowledge and understanding.

For me, work on the ground, riding and teaching is a continual learning process. I am a forever student and researcher of the art.

As a student of Sylvia Loch, I began my own apprenticeship of feel, a path I had been searching for on my riding journey. With Sylvia’s guidance through her books and teachings, my own body awareness and balance improved greatly for the benefit of both my horses and myself. It is for this reason I am inspired to help others on their own journey in their own apprenticeship of feel. I also aspire to keep the works of the great Masters alive, just as they came to life for me. I am also Sylvia’s only Accredited Weight Aids Instructor.

Classical Riding Lessons on your own horse (Freelance)

Working with the same ideals as above, accept these lessons will be more tailored to suit the individual student and their horse. A lesson on one of my horses will be more focused on the student and their position and how my horse is responding to them.  I aim to help my students achieve a good, balanced position with an improved understanding of how to aid their horse more clearly, this in turn will have a positive influence on the horse’s way of going. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a partnership of horse and rider working in harmony together.

Bareback Lunge Lessons

The lunge lesson is on a calm, attentive, experienced horse. Students will be lunged bareback with a vaulting roller and saddle cloth. Students are encouraged to focus on their position without depending on their hands to balance. I want to encourage students to become more aware of their own position and balance to be able to absorb the horse’s movement efficiently without damage to the horse’s or the rider’s backs. Riding bareback will awaken the senses to feeling the horse moving underneath you.

Classical Riding Lessons

All I will say here, is that I am fortunate to have two very sensitive horses who will both shut down if the rider aids them incorrectly. This is where we realise how our position influences the horse either positively or negatively. When the student gets something right, you will feel it instantly as my horses will generously reward you for it!

Sylvia Loch’s Balance and Bodywork Workshops

This is an unmounted workshop enabling riders to focus on themselves, improve their posture, position and suppleness all the time developing awareness of your own body and how we naturally balance on the ground.