About Claire

I have to be honest, I find it rather difficult talking about myself! I will keep it brief.

One thing I have always strove for, ever since I was a little girl, beginning my riding adventure with my young pony Prince, is a partnership. For those who know me, they will know the challenges I faced with Prince. The horse is truly your best teacher and Prince did a very good job at teaching me! I am not a natural rider and so, I have had to work at my position, forever determined to improve myself, still to this day. My position is not all that I want to improve, I am always developing my knowledge and skill, to do my best for my horses, students and their horses.

I believe that horses always come to you for a reason. They teach you what you need at that time, in that moment. All my horses have taught me so many things which I am able to adapt into my teaching and training, whether it be work on the ground or in the saddle – for both the horse and the rider!

Finding Sylvia Loch’s book ‘Invisible Riding’ introduced me to the world of classical dressage – what I had been searching for. Imagine my euphoria when the author I admired became my teacher! Through Sylvia’s works, I have built my own personal equestrian library, featuring the works of many great masters as well as other equestrian subjects. I love to learn. I believe that’s what keeps my passion alive for riding is the ability to never stop learning, to always improve yourself in mind and body. I’m also inspired and motivated by the ability to maintain the horse’s natural beauty whilst improving his natural tendencies without force, through natural methods. There is nothing more rewarding then a horse gaining confidence and trust in his rider.

I hope this will give you a little insight into my world.


All the best